Paul is the Art Director for BC Outdoors Magazine for more than 17 years. Paul has 2 diplomas in Lithography program and Magazine Design and Technologies program. Magazine design is his livelihood and Paul enjoys the challenges of design and layout.

Paul’s passion is photography. He started photography at the young age of 14 years old and joined a photography club with his brother, while in high school. Paul’s first camera was a Pentax K1000. Most of his photography was black & white at this time.

Years later, Paul and his family moved to Toronto in 1987. It was in Toronto where Paul purchased his first, serious camera, a Nikon EM. This was the moment where Paul took his photography more seriously but, still, as a hobby. Paul would walk the streets of Toronto with his brother and take photographs for hours.

By 1989, Paul’s family moved back to Vancouver. Paul started to take photography more seriously and purchased a Nikon FM2. Paul did some wedding photography but decided that photojournalism was his passion.

By 2011, Paul purchased a Nikon D90 DSLR and decided to take digital photography. This was the deciding moment for Paul to start travelling the world to major cities like New York, San Francisco, Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava for more photojournalism photography.

Paul has been taking photography seriously and published 11 photo books of his work. He also photographs local events in Vancouver such as the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim, Zombie Walk, Russian Liberation Protest, Cannabis Day Protest and other events.

Some of Paul’s photography has been published in Edge of Humanity Magazine for Street Photography USA Essay, Homeless in America Project, Vancouver Cannabis Day Protest Essay, and Daily Life in Myanmar. Paul's photography has also been published in British Columbia Magazine and BC Outdoors Magazine.